Hanging Low

Hanging Low

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“Nuff Said

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“Nuff Said

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Talbots, Oprah and Dress For Success – Unprecedented Partnership

Talbots and O, The Oprah Magazine are working together to support Dress For Success. This is an unprecedented collaboration that I thought was worth mentioning.  I have been a part of Dress for Success for a number of years and I know how valuable this service is to women all over the world.


Dress For Success will benefit greatly from this powerhouse collaboration because 30% of all sales will go to the organization. What a wonderful way to celebrate women who are in need of a boost!

Talbots and O, The Oprah Magazine have come together to support Dress for Success® in its mission to help women achieve their goals in work & in life. It’s an unprecedented collaboration that includes: an exclusive capsule collection, parties, special events, the ultimate style experience & more.



These are some wonderful pieces so have fun shopping while you support women who are in need. You can help this cause by shopping or donate in store until April 3, 2016.



Woman to #Woman is So Unjust

Sometimes I honestly do not know where to start in terms of the things that some women do to other women.   Perhaps we should really take a page out of the men’s book and establish some sort of girl/woman code.   You have to admit there is something to be said about the way guys relate to each other which is in stark contrast to the way many women relate to each other.   I am alarmed by the things that some women choose to spew at other women over social media and other places.  I believe this really needs to stop because the young girls are picking up these traits and this is just going down hill.

Upset teenage girl with friends gossiping

Social media has allowed this level of bullying to be taken to a whole other level and frankly it is getting really tired and out of hand.  In fact, I think some women have hit an all time low when it comes to the way they treat other women.   The thing that really bothers me is that this is infiltrating every facet of society; from the church to the pages of social media.

Why do so many women treat each other so badly?  that is a question I wish I could answer. It does not make any sense at all! Instead of working together, it seems the fitting thing to do is work against each other as if that is going to magically solve the problem at hand.  Something that has always had me shaking my head is the problem of infidelity.  Now why on earth would a woman leave the house that she shares with her spouse and go across town to beat or swear at a woman for being with “her man”?  Once again, the man is standing on the sidelines with folded hands while she embarrasses herself in front of the whole world.  Instead of speaking to him about this disrespectful behavior, many women think it is easier to go and beat down the “perceived” threat.

Man enjoying watching cat fight between girlfriends

Another thing that makes me shake my head is the way women treat each other sometimes when it come to infertility or having children in general.   See a post I did called No I do not wish to have children.  Since infidelity can happen to anyone of us, then this should be a sensitive topic for all women.   Instead, this can become fodder to win an argument and this is just silly.   Those who are from Jamaica know only too well of the insensitivity of calling a woman a mule when others believe that these women cannot have children.  Even though sometimes this is a choice made by many women, it still baffles me how one woman can drag this ugliness into an argument.

These same women still have something to say, if another woman dares to get pregnant after the grand old age of 30.   It just seems as if nothing can satisfy a woman who is hell bent on tearing down another woman.   This got me so fired up that I had to write another post about rocking a baby bump after 50.  This mindless tearing down of each other has got to stop if we want to want to see changes.  It is as if some women are still stuck in high school and frankly this is deplorable.   Then everyone is wondering why teenagers behave the way they do; many times this can be traced right back to the what they learn from the adult females.

Upset teenage girl with friends gossiping

Many times women are bullying each other in the workplace and that is another one that baffles me.    The worst supervisors I have had have been women (now this is just my experience so don’t shoot me). I don’t know what it is they are trying to prove but believe me, it is just tired and tacky.  Oh yes! I also wrote about this in another post, Of Unscrupulous Supervisors and Managers.   We should really be on the same page in the workplace considering that many of us are getting paid way less than men for the same kind of work.   Perhaps a better strategy would be for us to band together to fight against this inequality in the workplace instead of trying to tear each other down.

To be honest any woman who behaves like this is just a bully and it is not attractive in the least.    This is the very reason I do not watch all these reality shows with women tearing into each other like they are in sixth grade.  Mindlessly gossiping about another woman is just so ridiculous, I would start laughing if so many people were not getting hurt over this. So if you are one of those persons who think it is okay to treat another woman badly then I say shame on you.  It is time to grow up because really this is just childish.   To those persons who care what these women say about them,  I urge you to ignore them because they are really just pathetic little children still stuck in their teenage years.   When you think about it, a woman who is mature, a woman who loves herself and has self confidence does not have time for all that drama.

Ladies, let’s flip the switch!

Share your mean girl story here if you have one.

Songs of Freedom

Songs of Freedom

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